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           A series of events took place leading to the creation of a Draft Plan.

They can be reviewed on this page which is in fact a reference document


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The decision to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan was taken at this meeting.

Information about proposal agreed at Parish Council Meeting 4th November 2013



The following documents refer to the subseqent events. Steering Group meetings and minutes appear in a seperate section


Steering Group Report to Parish Council 6th Jan 2014
Designated Area Application 3rd Feb 2014
Verbal report of Steering Group to Parish Council 3rd March 2014
Role of Steering Group
Issues Flip Charts from Issues workshop 15th April 2014
Miracle Box Issues Workshop 15th April 2014
Overall Aim comments 15th April 2014
Public Notice May Workshops
2nd Phase of Consultation - Issues
Agenda for Monthly Progress Meeting 10 July 2014
Minutes of progres meeting 12 August 2014
Minutes of Meeting 10th November 2014
Consultation workshop 10th November 2014
Key Dates August 2014 onwards